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About Hardrives LLC

We are a family owned and operated company, We are built upon the wide-ranging experience of our employees and take immense pride in our expertise quality of work. Our satisfaction is totally dependent upon our customer’s satisfaction and we keep polishing our service till we achieve that.

Here at Hardrives LLC, we made a commitment to ourselves when we first went into business to give our clients nothing but the best in quality. Over the years we have proven to stay true to those values. To this day, we maintain nothing but the highest standards in quality.Our main concern is getting the job done right, no matter what it takes. Neither budget nor time constraints get in the way of us completing your project the right way from the start. You shouldn’t have to call back with complaints or look to anyone else for additional work.If there is an issue, we resolve it. You don’t need to worry about the end result, or additional fees. When you hire us, we make a commitment to you….and we keep that promise. Every project is priced fair from the start, and we work with you to make sure you can afford it comfortably. We offer a variety of options and make sure not to tack on additional fees at the end of the project.As a result, our clients have always been happy with our work, and we are happy to work with them. We hope you will come to us next time you need any work done from the ground up, repairs or maintenance.Our experience includes the installation of asphalt,chip sealing,milling, sealing and pavement maintenance. Through a history of dedication, collaboration, and an accommodating spirit, this enables us to provide incomparable quality and value to the stakeholders we value most: our customers.You can rest assured that Hardrives LLC will be a partner to you that is well-established, well-respected, and with a reputation that is well-deserved.Our skilled crews work as a team and each of them are experts in there fields. They all share the common goal of producing a job they can be proud of. The end result is that your time will not have to be consumed with quality control issues.Hardrives LLC believes in utilizing only the best available in the industry. These environmentally friendly materials meet or exceed all state and federal standards and are always applied according to manufacturers specifications for long-term durability.From our office staff to our seasoned crews, Hardrives LLC is committed to giving you the best quality service available. We are not only proficient in accomplishing this goal, but do so in a warm and friendly manner. Our team will be responsive to your needs because we know that your time is valuable. We want dealings with us to be pleasurable so we can build a long lasting business relationship with you.One of our experienced project manager’s will meet with you at your property to identify your property’s needs and to discuss your individual short and long term goals. We’ll educate you as to your various options, so that you can make an informed decision for a cost-effective proposal.We plan ahead and work with you to include the proper amount of phases in the original bid which will lessen the impact on the accessibility to your home or business. When scheduling, we take into consideration such things as: your peak business hours/days, deliveries, special events, irrigation suspension, and wast management pickup. We’ll even work on weekends if that is what is best for our customer’s needs. Proper planning is the key to your project running smoothly.Find out why hundreds of general contractors, building owners, commercial property managers depend on Hardrives LLC year after year.
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